WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Boulder International offers Best In Class open system solutions that comply with the federal deeming rules. Our quality products are made from the finest ingredients and components. We support age restrictions and market our products properly to adults.

Boulder files Premarket Tobacco Application submission with the Food and Drug Administration

Premium vaping experiences, designed for every lifestyle.

At Boulder, we engineer best-in-class vape pens, e-liquid and accessories here in the USA.
We're obsessively committed to ease of use, superior components, elegant style and your satisfaction.


The Boulder Rock

The ultimate in simplicity and satisfaction, perfectly shaped to fit discreetly in hand or pocket.


The Boulder W2

*New* Now Available

A sophisticated, configurable system for concentrates, optimized to suit all of your concentrate vaping needs.


The Boulder Twilight

*New* Now Available

Sleek, simple and convenient, with the perfect size and shape. Choose the Boulder Twilight for vaping enjoyment anytime, anywhere.


The Aspen Slim

Your entry to the Boulder open system, where luxury vaping meets sensible everyday pricing.


Fine E-liquids

We only use USP Grade ingredients and premium flavorings imported from Switzerland and Italy.



Precision accessories you can count on, crafted with the same materials and care as our vaporizers.

"I switched to the Boulder system and never looked back."

The Boulder Rock

–Sam Smith, Santa Rosa, CA

Come experience Boulder!

Our products are proudly sold by trusted suppliers and retailers, and we're adding new ones every day. Search for locations near you now, and hopefully you'll be enjoying a Boulder vape in no time.